Thursday, 12 June 2014

Fun times and good outfits at Wild Porteño

Last weekend, I flew up to Sydney for Wild Porteño with Leah from L-Bomb Fitness and Michelle from Mikala Design. We flew up a couple of days early, so we could catch up with friends, do some shopping and drink lots of cups of tea. 


Retro Spec’d: We hit up Retro Spec’d pretty much as soon as we landed. Their new store looks fabulous, and I couldn’t resist picking up a few things for work. (According to the scales at the airport, I bought exactly 1kg of Retro Spec’d clothing.) I’ll have to do a full report soon!

The Hi-Boys: On Sunday night, we ventured out to the Torque Bar to see The Hi-Boys from the Sunshine Coast. There’s been a lot of buzz about these guys since they signed to Wild Records earlier in the year, and they didn’t disappoint. After the show, we left straight away and definitely did not drink shots with the band.

Avi the UBER man: The UBER app saved our hair on Monday! As we headed out to Wild Porteño, it was absolutely pouring with rain. Our UBER driver Avi could tell we weren’t looking forward to making the dash from the car to the venue, so he rushed out, got a big umbrella from the boot of the car and escorted us into the venue one by one… What a gentleman!

Luis & the Wildfires: Luis tore it up as usual and whipped the crowd into an absolute frenzy. There was beer, cigarettes, combs and body parts flying everywhere! It was like being at a gig in the early 90s, only we hadn’t been driven there by our parents.

Gizzelle: She’s been to Australia twice this year, and we’re so lucky to have seen her both times. What a voice!

Etsy ladies: Michelle, Leah and I all got to meet some of our fabulous Sydney customers… I think I counted eight different ladies wearing Forbidden Charm over the weekend, so I couldn’t be happier. Looking good ladies!


Harlequin outfit: Swellegant vintage / White hoop earrings: Forbidden Charm / Shoes: Django & Juliette

Brown & turquoise Mexican dress: Mikala Design / Gold hoop earrings: Forbidden Charm
Vintage Mexican dress: Ebay / Yellow Fiesta earrings: Forbidden Charm

Black velveteen top: Mikala Design / White capri outfit: Swellegant vintage 
White hoop earrings: Forbidden Charm / 
Zebra corduroy top: Ebay

Zebra capris: Mikala Design / Pom pom capris: Ebay / White capri outfit: Swellegant vintage 


  1. Looking tops ladies!! Avi, what a legend!!! Xx

  2. Thanks lady... We missed you! If they ever have another one, you'll definitely have to come and party with us!