Saturday, 29 November 2014

13 problems only vintage lovers will understand

Being into vintage isn't all champagne and canapes... Here's just a few of the problems vintage lovers face every day.

1. You have broken at least one wardrobe in your life.

2. Your tailor and dry cleaner always look suspiciously happy when they see you coming.

3. You die a little inside when you see the word VINTAGE written in a bad font on an ugly t-shirt.

4. You have more clothes in your mending pile than some "normal" people have in their entire wardrobe.

5. A repro company has just released something that looks like a piece in your collection. Now everyone thinks your outfit is a repro. 

6. You don't know what's worse: moths or the smell of mothballs.

7. You want to wear your fringed dress in Vegas, but you're not sure if you should because you already wore it three years ago. 

8. You absolutely cannot remember why you sold that awesome dress/coat/top you used to own. What were you thinking?

9. You realise you'll probably have to sell a kidney to afford a chimayo jacket.

10. Your hair looks great, but now you have to wrestle a side zip dress over your head.

11. You see an amazing outfit on etsy, but the skirt is the only thing in the photo that's actually for sale. 

12. Coathangers... Never. Enough. Coathangers!

13. The people at the airline check-in counter are talking about you, just because you're taking two giant suitcases for three days in Vegas.

It's enough to make you give it up and go shopping at Target... So do you have vintage problems? Share them in the comments below! We will understand.